The K-Hole: a Kardashian Podcast

The K-Hole: a Kardashian Podcast

Not everyone can keep up with the Kardashians. So we'll be providing weekly recaps and detailed analysis of the most important show in reality tv history alongside real time Kardashian news. This is not an ironic podcast.

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    The Cleveland Show (S14E01) ft. Bria

    Returning guest Bria joins us to talk about flyover states, astrology, and take two on Pepsigate. We also learn which Hadid sister is #woke and plea for someone, anyone, to save Sofia Richie.

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    Life of Kylie ft. Hannah

    Noted Kylie Jenner expert Hannah joins the K-Hole to discuss the first two episodes of the Life of Kylie, including Kylie's entourage, Kylie's brand, and our expectations for the "docuseries".

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    Rob Posts Revenge Porn (July 2017 IRL News Update)

    Brooke & Ashley talk about a series of brand missteps starting with Rob's act of sexual violence and ending with Kim's countertops. Subscribe to stay up to date when we return for Life of Kylie!

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    Sister Surrogacy (S13E14) feat. Bria

    Bella Thorne isn't the only person back in The K-Hole this week. Brooke Marine returns to discuss Kim's beauty line, surrogacy, and power rankings for the year to date. Plus special guest Bria fills us in on the Monica Rose feud!

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